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Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

book 1

Spiritual Awakening

book 2

Book 3 Coming Soon...

Spiritual Awakening

Imagine you could have the power to move mountains, to divide a gushing river with a command. Imagine you could see into the future and walk in the spirit realm, where all the secrets of life on earth have been hidden. The cures for plagues, the hidden reasons behind broken relationships and the unseen things behind wars.

Imagine you could see the causes of peoples hurts from open visions or dreams.

Imagine that all the leaders of the world had a spiritual counterpart, that if removed, changed the very course of leadership and history in that country.

All these things are covered in the spiritual fantasy book series, the Sons of Thunder.


The first book, The Son of Nepal, is about the inner conflicts of a young man, who goes on a difficult journey across China to find the Great Spirit that was last seen in the Gobi Desert.

His challenging quest is rewarded with an almighty power, a thirst for knowledge, a greater mission, and an unusual friendship. It is available on, Amazon kindle, Kobo and the audiobook is available on, Amazon, Audible and iTunes.


The second book, Let the Earth Tremble, Is set over a thousand years before

The Son of Nepal.

The Great One descended and demolished the city of Atlantis. The god of the temple, Poseidon, and a multitude of high ranking spirits break free from their sculptures of worship to escape the Great One’s wrath. They flee to the great lands of the east, where they endeavour to rebuild their mighty kingdom.

As a result of their presence wars break out in the mortal realm of ancient China.

Unbeknown to the people, a foreign spirit of famine, the Majabuta, that resides within a charm, is given as a gift to a peasant woman during the Qin Dynasty.

The spirit conquers the whole of China in the spirit realm granting a favourable advantage in war for the mortal king. The favour of the Majabuta rest with the Qin Dynasty, but there is a cost.


A little peasant girl befriends a mysterious sullen, unfriendly old man that sits all day and night under a paulownia tree in her village.

The old man, however, is not who he appears to be, and her journey towards greatness and enlightenment begins.


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