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let the earth tremble



Whilst travelling, Johannan goes into a trance and sees a vision of a yellow forest. There was a body covered in gingko leaves on the ground, and he hears a voice speak to him from the heavens, “Break and rebuild!”

But what does it mean?


The Great One has descended to earth, from the heavenly kingdom of the Irdis to investigate a putrid scent that has come before his throne.

In his irritation, he almost destroyed the earth, but decided that he will further investigate the reason for the scent.  


A little peasant girl befriends a mysterious sullen, unfriendly old man that sits all day and night under a paulownia tree in her village.

The old man, however, is not who he appears to be, and her journey towards greatness and enlightenment begins.


These three threads of fate must be woven together to form a cord of destiny that will decide the fate of Asia.


book 2

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