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iNto Oblivion -Site under Construction-

"Darksyde: iNto Oblivion" is an old school, post Super Nintendo styled RPG.
It has a spiritual connection with Zelda, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6.
Advanced and merged into a new type of gameplay style, "Darksyde: into Oblivion" is a
game crafted for The Hardcore and Casual alike...
It Brings together Zelda Style wonder, exploration and interaction, with a turn-based
Advanced Reactive Combat sytem...

Jogo's - Site under Construction -

We Create original and Unique

Logo's that will make your company or product stand out from the crowd...

We try to capture the essence of your product and reflect it in our designs...

Our service is simple and fast...




Red Hare Accessories - Site under Construction -


We have a great selection of hair accessories for everyone!

Although we specialize in kids accessories we also offer a fair selection for grown-ups.

We have an excellent selection of school accessories and we add new products on a regular basis.

Here you can find all manner of gorgeous patterns and designs that we select from our various supliers.


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